Twitch Stream Promotion - Embedding (50% OFF TRIAL OFFER)

Twitch Stream Promotion - Embedding (50% OFF TRIAL OFFER)

Twitch Stream Promotion - Embedding (50% OFF TRIAL OFFER)

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"Absolutely amazing! I got some REAL followers, and REAL viewers everyday. Helped grow my channel. Worth every penny! " -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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As a Twitch streamer, you definitely know the feeling of doubt when you look up to your live dashboard only to find one live viewer in your stream.

Or maybe you have a few more followers under your belt and a few more live viewers but you stream day after day and that live viewer count stays the same, you can’t seem to get any more new traffic to your channel.



We Embed your live stream into the advertisement sections of popular gaming websites to bring REAL live viewers into your Twitch streams and increase your ranking on the Twitch category you are streaming under. This service will also allow increased chance of triggering Twitch algorithmic views such as "recommended channels" or "live viewers we think you'll like sections"


It’s time to start working towards your Affiliate or Partner goals and grow your Twitch channel and use real advertising to get more eyes on your stream


✅ Only Real Viewers – We use real targeted advertisements to bring in actual human eyes on your stream. Xtra Life Marketing does not participate in bots of any sort, using those types of services will result in Twitch bans and/or Twitch Affiliate and Partner program rejections

✅Trackable Results – All the websites we promote you on can be viewed from the analytics section of your Twitch account so you can see exactly where people are viewing your stream from and what results are coming from our promotion


✅Compliance with Twitch TOS – Embedding is not only an approved method of promotion by Twitch, it is encouraged! Many tournaments and big Esports gaming events are promoted using embedding – more information on embedding compliance HERE:


✅ Organic Growth – As a result of using our promotion, your stream will have more viewers and will not only rank higher on your Twitch category but will give your stream a higher chance of hitting Twitch algorithm views such as the “Live channels we think you will like”

Here are a few examples of our current partnered websites where you can see examples of our advertisements at any time:



✅Up To 4 Hours Per Stream

✅Promotion only counts on the days that you go live (when your budget actually spends)

✅ Money-Back Guarantee
✅ Safe payments via best worldwide service
✅ Responsive Customer Support
✅ No hidden fees

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👉 How Many Viewers Will Get?
✅Iis normal to see viewer count fluctuation given the methods we promote you.

The viewership will fluctuate throughout the stream and depend on many factors such as time of day, category you are streaming, website traffic etc.

On average most clients will see an increase in 10-20 viewers throughout the stream.

👉 Just Placed My Order, Now What?
You will receive an automated email with detailed information regarding your campaign after your first initial order! 

You can expect campaign preparation to be complete within an hour of ordering generally. 

If you ordered our Hype Team service then you will need to contact us at to get set up!


Promotion can be up and running as soon as 1 Hour
Customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back
Responsive Customer Support