UNLIMITED Twitch Stream Promotion - Embedding - One Month (Recurring)

UNLIMITED Twitch Stream Promotion - Embedding - One Month (Recurring)

UNLIMITED Twitch Stream Promotion - Embedding - One Month (Recurring)

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"Absolutely amazing! I got some REAL followers, and REAL viewers everyday. Helped grow my channel. Worth every penny! " ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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We Embed your live stream into the advertisement sections of popular gaming websites to bring REAL live viewers into your Twitch streams and increase your ranking on the Twitch category you are streaming under. This service will also allow increased chance of triggering Twitch algorithmic views such as "recommended channels" or "live viewers we think you'll like sections"


It’s time to start working towards your Affiliate or Partner goals and grow your Twitch channel and use real advertising to get more eyes on your stream


✅ Only Real Viewers – We use real targeted advertisements to bring in actual human eyes on your stream. Xtra Life Marketing does not participate in bots of any sort, using those types of services will result in Twitch bans and/or Twitch Affiliate and Partner program rejections

✅Trackable Results – All the websites we promote you on can be viewed from the analytics section of your Twitch account so you can see exactly where people are viewing your stream from and what results are coming from our promotion


✅Compliance with Twitch TOS – Embedding is not only an approved method of promotion by Twitch, it is encouraged! Many tournaments and big Esports gaming events are promoted using embedding – more information on embedding compliance HERE: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/embed


✅ Organic Growth – As a result of using our promotion, your stream will have more viewers and will not only rank higher on your Twitch category but will give your stream a higher chance of hitting Twitch algorithm views such as the “Live channels we think you will like”


Here are a few examples of our current partnered websites where you can see examples of our advertisements at any time:










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👉 How does the recurring payment work?


✅After first initial month an invoice will be sent to your email, once second payment is made by you manually from that point on subscription will be recurring

Subscription will be rebilled on next calendar date ordered, if an order is placed on the 1st of the month for example it will be rebilled on the 1st of the following month.

👉 Can I cancel my recurring subscription at any time?


✅Yes, simply contact us via email or live chat to stop the next recurring payment. Please note we cannot refund partial months, once a month of Unlimited Embedding promotion is paid for it cannot be refunded.


👉 Is it really unlimited?

✅Yes! The Unlimited Embedding package enables you to use our Embedding promotion with no restrictions unlimited stream time per day with no budget cap.


👉 Why doesn't my discount code work?

✅Discount codes are for our standard packages only, not to worry as the Unlimited Embedding package is already drastically discounted and our best current offer!


Promotion can be up and running as soon as 1 Hour
Customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back
Responsive Customer Support