Hire A Mod/Hype Team - Guaranteed Chat Engagement - Recurring Subscription

Hire A Mod/Hype Team - Guaranteed Chat Engagement - Recurring Subscription

Hire A Mod/Hype Team - Guaranteed Chat Engagement - Recurring Subscription

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We certainly have noticed that chat engagement is something a lot of our newer creator clients are looking for.

We also have the data to show that active chat engagement already present tends to produce better new engagement results overall, it makes new traffic feel more WELCOME which means more growth for YOUR channel!

Need Moderators? Looking for more engagement?

One big problem with Twitch we see right now is poor moderation which allows hateful and other undesirable type of content to brew unattended to. If you are just starting out and need a moderator and some extra engagement consider hiring one of our Moderation & Engagement teams!

Reasons you NEED to hire a Hype Team:

✅ A dedicated team of 3 real people, that will moderate, chat and engage with your stream

✅ NEW: Our fully trained AI engagement service has been added into Hype Team, this will allow you to be able to get engagement from as many as 20 chatters at once! This AI is trained to keep you as a creator engaged and communicating by asking the right questions and being able to listen to what you say.

✅ Increase stream confidence and help the algorithm push your content to recommended feeds
✅ Real people combined with heavily trained AI that responds and feeds off of your content!

✅ We discuss your schedule and they will automatically show up to your scheduled streams!

✅ They can be present for Up to 8 hours of stream time per each stream



✅ Safe payments via best worldwide service
✅ No hidden fees

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👉 How does the subscription recurring payment work?

✅After first initial month (or year) an invoice will be sent to your email, once second payment is made by you manually from that point on subscription will be recurring

Subscription will be rebilled on next calendar date ordered, if an order is placed on the 1st of the month for example it will be rebilled on the 1st of the following month.

👉 Can I cancel my recurring subscription at any time?

✅Yes, simply contact us via email to stop the next recurring payment. Please note we cannot refund partial months, once a subscription service promotion is paid for it cannot be refunded. 

👉 Why doesn't my discount code work?

✅Discount codes are for our standard packages only, they won't work on subscription plans, not to worry as the Subscription packages are already drastically discounted and our best current offer!

How To Use:

Place your order by hitting the "buy it now" button

Join our discord and message @Kairy to get connected with our Hype Team manager!

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