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"I can say the past month of using this it works really well yall, I’ve been loving it and I’ve met so many cool new people in chat. I’m affiliated now and at 58/100 subscribers now. Only been streaming for 3 months don’t even get me started on the followers I gained. All and all I highly recommend them."

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    We use real targeted advertisements to bring in actual human eyes on your stream.

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    All of the websites we promote you on are trackable in the back end of your Twitch analytics.

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    Our service completely plays by Twitch's rule book which means you don't have to worry!

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    A higher category ranking means your stream is higher on the list and you get more organic Twitch traffic as a result of our services.

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  • Estimated 2 Hours Of Stream Time per promotion day (Depending on viewer retention & ad spend)
  • Promotion Days Only Counted On The Days That You Go Live

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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Safe payments via best worldwide service
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  • No hidden fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the promotion work?

A brief overview of our promotion strategy and expectations:

We embed your live stream onto popular gaming websites we have built relationships with over the years and people see your stream as they scroll through these websites. People who see your stream on these websites cannot engage with your stream unless they click into the Twitch platform.

You can't see the embedded viewer's names on the chat list because they are viewing from outside of Twitch. Unless they click into the Twitch platform Twitch has no name to show you (sort of like if you were to view a Twitch stream without being logged into Twitch.)

This is an organic promotion strategy, the embedded viewers may engage but because they are viewing from outside of Twitch the engagement rate is low generally speaking. The goal of this promotion is not to get these embedded viewers to engage (although some might), the goal is to bring in more direct organic Twitch traffic by raising your Twitch category ranking and these are the viewers much more likely to engage with your stream.

Because we rely on organic traffic for our promotion strategy we do not have any influence over the viewers and cannot guarantee any followers or chat engagement, that will be dependent on many other factors. We have seen some clients get 20+ subscriptions from a 7 day promotion and we have seen some clients only get a few followers, we provide the traffic and your job is to convert them!

You can see the websites we are promoting you on in the back end analytics section of your account after your streams (creator dashboard - insights - analytics). A few examples for you: www.pcgamer.com, www.mobafire.com, www.method.gg, na.op.gg

This promotion is 100% compliant with Twitch TOS, we have several partner clients and do work for big gaming companies for tournaments and have never had an issue with a suspension or ban to date.

If you have any other specific questions feel free to contact us at xtralifemarketing@gmail.com or our live chat on our website (bottom left corner of the home page https://www.xtralifemarketing.com).

How are the promotion days counted?

Our normal promotion packages will provide a daily ad budget that will cover around 1-2 hours of stream time. After that budget has been used you will see a reduction in viewership, if you ordered a multiple day promotion the ad budget will reset at around 7am EST daily. If you want more than one days worth of ad budget applied just contact us!

On average you will get around 1-2 hours of stream time (depending on viewer retention and how your advertising budget spends, average cost per viewer is $0.05) per each promotion day!

We can provide service for longer than 2 hours but more advertising budget on our end will be needed, we can create a custom promotion package in the future to fit your needs so just let us know!

Please keep in mind all time frame suggestions are estimations based on what the average client sees, you may see less or more than the suggested time frames depending on ad buying competition/bid price, viewer retention (how long the viewers stay to watch after finding your ad) etc.

How many viewers will I get?

It is normal to see viewer count fluctuation given the methods we promote you. The viewership will depend on a lot of factors such as time of day, category you are streaming, website traffic etc. On average most clients will see an increase in 10-20 viewers throughout the stream.

Do I have to contact you before I go live?

Once your campaign has been set up our software will be able to automatically detect when you go live and start sending advertising bids to the websites we promote on as long as there is still budget remaining for the day.

I just placed my order, now what?

Keep an eye out for an email from us after purchasing, you will be assigned a personal client services representative who will be preparing your ad campaign and further instructions for your promotion. If this is not a first time order your campaign will be turned on within the hour automatically as long as you order during our normal hours.

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